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Board of Directors

Alicia Gray

Born and raised in Illinois. A proud mother and wife. Alicia has been employed with U.S Postal Service for over 20 years. Alicia received her MBA from Roosevelt University & plans to pursue her PhD in the near future. Alicia's passion is mentoring teens to become successful. She believes if you expand your horizon you will continue to grow

Elois Anderson

Elois Anderson Knows that her life is defined by her Love of God and Love for family. As 1st Corinthians 13:3 states "The Greatest of these Is Love" Elois Attempts to live her life accordingly. Elois's heart is for those who have lost a love one and are going through the steps of grieving. It is her desire to continue to help the broken hearted through this journey.

Tamara Johnson

Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, Tamara moved to Illinois in 1999. She is a loving wife, married for over 10 years. Tamara adores children and God blessed her to work with many; 3 children, 8 step children, 13 grandchildren (raising 5) and 4 step grandchildren. Tamara is the dance coordinator and Administrator of the Youth Department at Grace Central Church. Tamera worked in management at airline catering for 11 years and is currently employed at UPS and has been for 9 years. Tamara believes strongly in training up our children (Proverbs 22:6) and educating them. These are the two things that once they are planted in children they cannot be taken away. Tamera's heart is warmed and filled with joy by helping others.

Rose Hughes

Has experience in leading high performing teams in the financial, non-profit and real estate industry. Rose is known for her perseverance and also as a tenacious woman when it comes to achieving her goals. Previously Rose received a BA in community studies at Mundelein College: Loyola University which prepares women for leadership. She is currently matriculating at Kellers Graduate School of management, focusing on her MBA and MHRM. Having received her Master’s Certificate in MHRM in March of 2014, and is expecting to complete her MBA by December 2014. Rose is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Illinois. and her passion is rehabbing properties making them affordable for low income families. Rosé has served as a Webelos den leader and treasurer for the Cub Scouts. Rose is also a proud mother of two and grandmother of four.

Diana Robinson

A Blessed mom of 5 adult children and grandmother of 6. She has been married for 25 years operating a family owned business and working in the health care field. Diana is a member of Valley Kingdom Ministries where she is part of a women’s group that assist women in many areas of their lives. Diana has volunteered for the National Kidney Foundation as well as the 5k walk for breast cancer. She believes that women should lift one another UP!! Diana is convinced that every day is getting better.

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